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5 Best Practices for Achieving Social Media ROI

From Facebook and Twitter to blogs and videos, social media has become part and parcel of modern marketing efforts. However, convincing the C-suite to spend resources on social media can be a tough task for marketing trailblazers. Some executives have yet to be convinced that social media is a worthy marketing strategy; some wonder if […]

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50 Facts & Stats About Digital Marketing

We’ve compiled the latest facts & stats about digital sales & marketing. This collection of new marketing stats will help you stay in sync with the latest industry trends and inform your marketing automation strategies, including lead generation, email, social media, and more.

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6 Steps to Successful Lead Nurturing

Easily 50 percent of the leads that your marketing team unearths are not yet sales-ready—but rather than dumping that half of those prospects in the rubbish bin, nurture them to increase your haul of sales-qualified leads. Building trust and fostering relationships with qualified prospects, regardless of their stage in the buyer’s journey, is a key […]

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Secure Your Social Organization with HootSuite Enterprise

Teams throughout your enterprise are constantly creating new social media accounts and adopting their own mismatched platforms to manage them. But without a standard and secure environment for social media, your organization remains vulnerable to malware, unauthorized or fraudulent accounts, and data leakage. IT departments are usually the ones who get called in to clean […]

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Enabling the Business with Social Relationship Platforms

The role of the IT leader is changing. CIOs must shift their focus from “keeping the lights on” to enabling the organizational growth through new technology and improved processes. With social media efforts taking an increasingly important role in the business, CIOs have an ideal opportunity before them: Demonstrate their ability to evolve by facilitating […]

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Turning Insight Into Action: The Journey to Social Media Intelligence

The amount of data produced on social media is staggering – and so is the potential business value for enterprises that know what to do with it. Your customers are pulling back the curtains to reveal their desires and dislikes, but can your enterprise transform all of that data into actionable insights for people in […]

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